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Our commitment with the academic formation and development of people with highly valued skills transversal to all disciplines of modern society begins with critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and sensitivity to the challenges we are sure to face in the near future.
HPC has the potential to pioneer social and economic transformations in our surroundings by enabling research and accelerating data analytics oriented for public policy, business intelligence and technological development. Ultimately, a milestone in the forthcoming era of digital revolution.
That is why we would like to reach out to YOU concerned of what is relevant in the present and potentially decisive in your future. If YOU feel like helping others contribute so that two students may participate, or register for the 2 for 1 option for YOU and a friend or colleague, or if YOU need financial aid apply for our leverage program following one of the three buttons below!


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About HPC School

The first installment in a series of international schools aimed at training students, researchers and professionals from private and public sectors in optimal parallel programing for HPC environments

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